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Deadly Structures is a first-person open-world soundgame set in a land that cannot be seen. Carved entirely out of first-hand field recordings made in abandoned industrial landscapes in Leipzig, sound artists David Denyer and Sami El-Enany have created a world both vivid and unspeakable. Become the User, a nameless character that roams a sentient wasteland, an ear-witness to an unliving world. Encounter forgotten technologies and cryptic mythologies. Confront, evade and embody other organisms, always at the mercy of a hostile and every-changing ecosystem. Fix, break, scavenge and kill for a hope to escape, but most of all, do not lose your way... Only the most loyal players have a chance of escaping Deadly Structures and uncovering their ultimate purpose. Or do none of this and something else entirely. Deadly Structures was conceived as a pareidolic soundworld where each player can imagine their own world and will throughout. Deadly Structures is created using the Unreal Engine and FMOD and is playable on Mac and PC with additional PS4 and XBOX controller support. 

Wormtea (formed by David Denyer and Sami El-Enany) is a game and sound studio which aims to expand the possibility of interactive sound and storytelling through their own projects as well as collaborations with other game studios.  

Game by Wormtea

Art by Viktor Timofeev

Graphic Design by Workform

Produced by Werkflow

Wormtea Logo by Diana Gradinaru

Recommended Hardware:

Operating System

Windows 10 64-bit/Latest MacOS Big Sur


Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster



Video Card/DirectX Version

DirectX 11 or DirectX 12/Metal 1.2 compatible graphics card


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Deadly Structures WINDOWS.zip 615 MB
Deadly Structures MAC.zip 646 MB
A Guide.pdf 441 kB


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Wow, didn't escaped yet, but for sure the most unique game (?) I've played so far!

Thanks so much, good luck in there!


Really cool concept I loved it!